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We simplify the work of Process Serving: accuracy, speed, and efficiency for your peace of mind.

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Our modern Process Serving approach sharpens your competitive edge in legal practice.

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We solve today’s Process Serving challenges with an up-to-date, technology focused approach.
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Streamlining Legal Procedures: A Trusted Partner for Legal Professionals in the Process Serving Journey.
Empowering Self-Represented Litigants: Navigating Legal Processes with Confidence.
Navigating Legal Processes with Confidence: A Guide for Servicing Businesses.
Confidently Navigating Legal Processes: A Resource for Government Servicing Businesses.
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We are your time-saving partner. We deploy the best of automation and technology to ensure the rapid and efficient completion of your requests/delivery of your documents. Click here to learn we are your number one resource.


Our seamless business model leverages up-to-date technology to deploy experienced, professional process servers matter where in Ontario you need to file and serve your case. Our team will handle the procedure and our technology platform will keep you updated.


We will transform and expedite your corporate Process Serving needs so you can get to resolutions more quickly and effectively. Work with us to plan the timing and method of your company's document service. File court documents, schedule Process Serving, and more, conveniently with a single click of your mouse.


Streamline your government Process Serving strategy. You can trust our team to intelligently plan the “when” and the “how” of serving your documents. File court documents, schedule Process Serving, and more, conveniently with a single click of your mouse.


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122+ Five-Star Reviews Celebrate Our Commitment to Quality

List of Our Services:

Process Serving, Court Filing, Skip Tracing, Real Estate and Corporate Searches, Document Retrieval...
Process Serving<strong> Ontario Wide</strong>

Process Serving Ontario Wide

Dependable process serving for efficient and professional delivery of legal documents with Ontario support.
Court Filing and <strong> Issuance</strong>

Court Filing and Issuance

Seamless Court Filing Support: Trust Our Expertise for Precision and Efficiency in Legal Document Management.
Document<strong> Retrieval</strong>

Document Retrieval

Experience Effortless Document Retrieval: Swift, Secure, Tailored to Your Timeline—Access Information On Demand with Ease, Confidence, and Reliability Every Time.
Business <strong>Profile Search</strong>

Business Profile Search

Strategic Insights Unleashed: Navigating Business Terrain via Ontario and Federal Profile Searches.
Real Estate <strong>Search</strong>

Real Estate Search

Navigate real estate landscapes with our precise search services—unlock insights for secure futures.
SKIP Tracing <strong> Services</strong>

SKIP Tracing Services

Uncover the Untraceable: Rely on Comprehensive Skip Tracing Solutions for Swift, Reliable, Timely, and Consistently Actionable Results Every Single Time.
Notary <strong>Services</strong>

Notary Services

Seamless Court Filing Services: Trust Our Expertise to Navigate the Legal Landscape with Precision and Efficiency.
Affidavit Commissioning <strong>Services</strong>

Affidavit Commissioning Services

Experience Seamless and Reliable Affidavit Commissioning Services for Unparalleled Legal Certainty and Peace of Mind.

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We proudly stand as the leading Canadian Process Server in the industry. Our commitment to excellence is driven by our innovative use of GPS technology, which not only ensures accurate and timely deliveries but also provides our clients with the added assurance they deserve.

What sets us apart is not only our competitive pricing but also our dedicated team, always willing to go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs. Their unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service is reflected in the 80+ five-star reviews we’ve received from our satisfied customers.

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Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London

Process Server Toronto

WeServe&File Toronto Process Servers

Process Server Ottawa

WeServe&File Ottawa Process Servers

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WeServe&File Vaughan Process Servers

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WeServe&File Etobicoke Process Servers

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WeServe&File Barrie Process Servers

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WeServe&File Burlington Process Servers

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WeServe&File London Process Servers

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WeServe&File North Bay Process Servers

1705 McKeown Ave, North Bay, ON P1B 7N2

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WeServe&File Innisfil Process Servers

Box 205, 1311 Killarney Beach Rd #205, Innisfil, ON L0L 1W0

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WeServe&File Sudbury Process Servers

362 Jean St, Greater Sudbury, ON P3C 2S8

Process Server Hamilton

WeServe&File Hamilton Process Servers

Process Server near me

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WeServe&File Markham Process Servers

Process Server near me

Process Server Richmond Hill

WeServe&File Richmond Hill Process Servers

Process Server near me

Process Server Mississauga

WeServe&File Mississauga Process Servers

950 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5C 3B4

...In countless case files, the primary obstacle is finding the other side and making them aware of the pending litigation.

Finding parties has become our specialty

Let WeServe&File expedite your case and let our professional Process Serving and SKIP Trace team pave the way for the initial step of your legal journey.

Process Service Coverage
Ontario Wide

Service Areas: Everywhere in Ontario

Process Server Ottawa

WeServe&File Ottawa Process Servers

Process Server Hamilton

WeServe&File Hamilton Process Servers

Process Server Richmond Hill

WeServe&File Richmond Hill Process Servers
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